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 If you've like to finalize your reservation and pay your deposit with a Zelle Payment but are unsure on how to do it, we've included below, a step-by-step guide that consists of two parts and also links to instructions directly on the BofA, Wells Fargo, and Chase Websites. Zelle has no additional fees and is the most secure way to process a payment.  With Zelle, you don't have to give out your account or card information and instead, you make the payment directly within your existing banking app on your phone.  

Add Recipient

1)  Sign in on your banking app on your phone

2)  Go to the Menu and either click on Zelle or it may say Send Money

3)  If you've never enrolled, it will ask you to read and accept Zelle Service Policies and then ask you to register your phone or email address to receive payments from others.

4)  Go to Address Book, Contacts, or Add Recipient screen and select the + sign to add a Recipient. Enter their Email OR Phone and in this case, add our email  Enter our Contact Name as Fast-Trucking. Select Save or Send Money

Send Money

1)  Select Recipient, then confirm the account you'd like to send from, enter your deposit amount, and select Review.  Then confirm and it will be sent immediately.

2)  Our accounting managers Sharon will receive a notification within a few minutes and email you an updated statement reflecting your payment and remaining balance.


Additional Zelle Instructions for BofA, Wells Fargo, and Chase:


Wells Fargo: